The PURIS end-to-end food system has grown over 30 years to benefit every link in the chain of food production. Our model is a foundation for health and happiness of Americans today, scalable to the needs of a growing planet tomorrow.


PURIS unites satisfying flavor and texture with some of the highest protein of any plant-based food on the planet. By providing nutritionally equivalent alternatives to favorite foods made with only sustainable ingredients, our approach feeds health, happiness and peace of mind.

PURIS Integrity

We are a safe and secure food supply made in the USA. Our model is grounded in 30 years of non-GMO natural breeding and sustained by an alliance of domestic growers and partners who share our high standards. Our process ensures a wholesome journey from seed to solution.

PURIS Choice

We are the exclusive producer of PURIS® Pea protein, starches, fibers and other non-GMO ingredients. Our versatile foods are a nourishing basis for every meal, food application and trend — from protein powders to energy bars to meat substitutes.

Solid from the soil up.

An alliance of farmers is building a safe and secure food supply in the USA.

Pure ingredients from trusted sources.

Our plant-based building blocks give food makers the power to innovate, entice and delight.

Imagine what you can make.

PURIS create delicious, ultra-nourishing products that fit how people think and eat now.

Plants, people, planet. United.

Starting in 1985, we set out to restore knowledge, control and trust to our food system.