PURIS is a partner to forward-thinking growers across the U.S. We invest in their long-term success from the soil up. Because when they’re more productive, so are we.

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Why grow with PURIS

We provide the seed and support to grow successful non-GMO crops, establish regenerative growing practices and navigate organic certification. With total production contracts personalized to the needs of each farm, we buy back those crops to make our ingredients and innovative foods. No wonder farmers who grow with PURIS stick with it.

Be a part of the solution

A food system only based on animal protein can’t supply enough nutrition to meet global demand. By making food from nutrient-rich plants that leave soil healthier than it started, PURIS is creating an alternative that can sustainably nourish 10 billion people by the year 2050.

A healthy basis for a sustainable business.

As more farmers transition to non-GMO and regenerative growing practices, PURIS helps them make the leap. Meet a few of our partners.

I can finish all my nitrogen needs with the PURIS pea.

Rick Clark, Indiana Grower

Peas are part of the original ecosystem in this area. Look at the natural prairie: that’s what you need to grow in your land.

Tyrel Eisenbraun, South Dakota Grower

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