Move Makers in Food: Trends

The show floor at Natural Products Expo West is a crazy, beautiful, inspiring mess of foodie fanatics. As you walk past booth after booth, you can quickly spot the new trends. Fads ranging from CBD infused gummies to the latest diet craze. But for the last few years, one trend has stood the test of time and may be responsible for shifting the way consumers are eating altogether.

It’s more than just a trend — it’s a movement taking the industry by storm

It’s the move to “plant-based” foods. We interviewed some of the biggest Move Makers in the industry to see what their take on plant-based foods looks like.

Upon arrival at the Good Karma booth, smiling faces greeted us with the latest plant-powered innovation, plant-based sour cream. Now game day will never be the same! Not to mention, it was DELICIOUS.

“Our brand and the brands like us are on the front edge of plant based foods,” shares Doug Radi, CEO at Good Karma Foods Inc., “and I think we’re going to see a really strong transition of people trading off animal for plant calories, and I think we’re just seeing this consumer awareness grow and grow and grow.”

The resurgence of organic

As we wandered up and down the halls, Clif Bar’s sign hovered over the tops of neighboring booths. Show attendees passing by halted to sample bars powered by plant protein. Our friends at Clif Bar dove a little deeper than plant-based and took the conversation to the next level as we discussed truly organic foods.

We sat down with Matthew Dillon the Senior Director of Clif Bar and Company. “Organic is having a bit of a resurgence. For a while, the natural halo made people think that a company was organic. That bubble is starting to be burst, and we are seeing more consumers wanting to buy ingredients they know are good for people and for planet.”

Expanding vegan options

From plant-based milks to plant-based meats, you can now find a vegan option around every corner. Miyoko’s Kitchen is known for their plant-based cheeses, and has proven time and time again anything is possible in the world of vegan options.

“I just saw some figures today from Cargill saying that plant based milk was going to be 40% of the fluid milk category by 2021,” said Miyoko Schinner, CEO and Founder of Miyoko’s Kitchen. “So it is growing at such an exponential rate, there is no way to stop this train, it has taken off, and it is a bullet train going towards a plant-based future.”

Expo West attendees and brands proved that this movement is deeper than a great marketing pitch. Foods made from plants are better for the environment, better for people’s health and prove that consumers are looking to make a global impact with the foods they decide to buy.

Join the movement, hop on board and let us build a better food future together.