Move Makers in Organic: A Choice

Every moment you find yourself strolling through a grocery store, reaching for an organic item on the shelf, you are voluntarily picking the organic option. Organic is a choice!

What does organic mean to you?

Take a second and think about your reasoning behind choosing organic. For some, the choice boils down to validation that organic products are sourced from a trusted farm that’s traceable to a community here in the United States. Others believe in the nutritional quality, non-genetic modification, or lack of synthetic chemicals.

Supporting the organic food industry

Regardless of your rationale, as food growers, makers, and eaters, you all have a hand in building our consumer-driven organic industry. Our investments are the glue that continues to hold organic in place at our grocery stores. As decision makers within the industry, we owe it to the organic standard to fully understand what we are purchasing so we can be better advocates for the food we care about.

Move Makers from all walks of the organic industry — farmers, companies, and the media — told us what they wished consumers knew about our organic products. Check out what they had to say.

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