Part 2 of 2: Making the Regenerative Choice the Easy Choice

The more we protect our climate the greater we all benefit. But it’s going to take a systematic approach that provides value for all stakeholders. When everyone is on board, we all win — that includes the growers, the makers, the eaters, the decision makers, and influencers.

The future of food is regenerative

Sustainability and regeneration aren’t just dynamic marketing strategies, they’re real and require action. Regenerative is a choice, it’s a lifestyle, and a commitment to the future.

Regenerative solutions are profitable. There are parallels between environmentally friendly innovation and major growth in profit margins. Even better, sustainable and regenerative practices are not a one-size-fits-all solution, rather they can be tailored for the brand, making the choice accessible to all.

Every step matters, from the seed all the way to the finished product. As a collective, it is our responsibility to examine the entire process. There are often major revenue streams hidden in regenerative strategies, including tackling food waste.

Consumers are voting with their dollars and pushing for a regenerative food system. In the last year alone, reports of consumers purchasing foods that are better for the environment rose 22%. Their purchases send strong messages to producers, retailers, and others in the system about what they think is important.

Bridging the gap between sustainability and profitability

As awareness around sustainability and regenerative practices continues to grow, brands need to be able to choose sustainability without sacrifice.

At PURIS, we utilize one of the last great hopes of avoiding climate change — a substance so common that we typically ignore it or just walk all over it — the soil beneath our feet.

Current data suggests sequestering carbon in the soil is the solution we’ve all been looking for. It involves restoring deteriorated soil while greatly expanding agricultural yields, and diminishing climate change through extraction of carbon from our atmosphere.

PURIS is making organic regenerative moves right here in the USA, utilizing peas to improve the soil, climate, and waterways in our neighborhoods. Instead of overcoming nature, peas reinforce it, promoting the propagation of plant life to return carbon to the soil that was there in the first place.

Putting carbon back in the soil is not only mitigating climate change, but also improving human health, productivity, food security, nutrition security, water quality, air quality — everything.

Peas make the regenerative choice the easy choice. By creating great-tasting plant based food from PURIS pea proteinspea starches, and pea fibers, you’re leaving the planet and people better off. Our zero waste, regeneratively built plant based ingredients go beyond sustainability and help you make a sustainable choice for people and planet.

We want to support you

PURIS’ line of ingredients created from regenerative, organic, non-GMO seed varieties can guide your supply chain to a point we can sustain. It’s not only PURIS Pea Protein but all things pea that creates the solution.

It’s hard to make a regenerative global difference if the system doesn’t support the scale. PURIS’ model is enabling a regenerative impact today that is scalable to meet the needs of tomorrow.

With over 400 farmers, 200,000 acres, and a solid foundation, we want to support the improvement of our world through the ingredients that we make to the manufacturing plants and jobs that we resurrect in small towns across the USA, and finally through the brands we supply to.

Let’s make a measurable difference — today

The choice is ours. We can make products that are regenerative or not regenerative. We can maximize global impact or minimize it. It’s up to us.

At PURIS, when we say regenerative, we mean it. How can we support your brand?