Clean, sustainable superfood by the glass, cup or pouch.

Other protein-forward RTDs go to great lengths to fix their taste and consistency. Not PURIS. Our drinkable and delicious clean-label formulas let you include more protein without masking agents. With our short stack of non-GMO organic ingredients, creating your own dairy-free drinks and foods is simple, profitable, and sustainable as well. Deliver dairy-like texture and creaminess with more nutritional benefits and fewer environmental concerns.

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Future-Blend Meal Replacement Drink

This plant-based RTD breaks all the rules, delivering a record-setting 30g of clean protein with the simplest possible ingredient list. Customers will love the clean taste and creamy texture. And with non-GMO organic ingredients sourced from U.S. family farms, it’s the most sustainable choice.


Single-source plant-based ingredients

Clean taste means no maskers needed

Best in class creaminess and mouthfeel

Unparalleled solubility and dispersibility


Shortest ingredient stack of any RTD. 

Everything you want, nothing you don’t.

We all want to know exactly what’s in our food. And with PURIS, there’s no guessing or questioning involved.

Up to 30g protein inclusion. 

Up to 30 grams* of protein per serving (25 grams of complete protein)

Protein promotes satiation (reaching fullness while eating) and maintains satiety (feeling fuller for longer when you’re done eating).

Protein is vital for myriad body functions like building and repairing muscle, promoting immune function, forming enzymes that participate in metabolic processes, and more!

Lighten up. 

Only 1 gram saturated fat per serving.

Plant-based foods typically contain less saturated fat than animal products, so paired with cholesterol-lowering fiber, they are the better-for-you option.

Saturated fat increases LDL (bad) cholesterol, making it a leading contributor to cardiovascular disease and insulin resistance, a contributing factor to type 2 diabetes.


15% DV calcium per serving.

Calcium – it’s not just from dairy!

This essential mineral helps strengthen bones and plays a vital role in nerve signaling and muscle function.

Pumped with iron for those who pump iron. 

Contains 30% of your DV per serving.

Plant-based consumers are often concerned about iron intake. No need when PURIS plant-based RTDs pack a whopping 30% of the daily need for iron.

Iron is the most commonly deficient nutrient in the world despite being one of the most important nutrients for growing bodies and brains.

Iron is vital for helping transport oxygen throughout the body, in turn keeping tissues healthy and improving energy levels.


PURIS proves you don’t have to sacrifice taste.

Only 4 grams of sugar per serving – Indicated by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans as a nutrient to limit to no more than 10% of daily calories (about 50g added sugar).

This RTD contributes less than 1/10 of your daily recommended intake of added sugars. A fraction of other protein beverages on the market with upwards of 20 grams of sugar per bottle!

Commonly used to replace sugar, sugar alcohols can cause bloating and indigestion in some people.

Fiber, please! 

3 grams fiber per serving while most beverages have none.

Fiber helps maintain a healthy digestive tract by feeding the good bacteria in your gut, is heart-healthy as it reduces LDL cholesterol, and stabilizes blood sugars.

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A (much) more sustainable RTD.

PURIS® Pea Protein is available as grown, processed, and packed in the USA — no other global supplier can make that claim.

Compared to protein processed overseas, on a per pound basis PURIS’ clean, homegrown alternatives:

Produce 64% fewer emissions

Compared to protein processed overseas, on a per pound basis

20,000 fewer miles

Traveled to arrive at the customer’s door

Produce 64% fewer emissions

Puts more profits in the hands of U.S. family farmers


Whether you want to develop plant-based meats for retail or food service, PURIS is here to help. Partner with us from co-manufacturing to branding.