Dairy-free milk that gives you more to love.

In a world crowded with dairy substitutes, PURIS plant-based milk is a game-changer. Our drinkable and delicious clean-label formulas deliver maximum protein derived from non-GMO, organic plants. There’s no limit to what you can make with PURIS’s clean, single-source, plant-based ingredients: whole, low-fat, or skim; flavored or plain. Get great taste and nutrition with a low environmental impact compared to nut or soy milks.

Vegan Pea Protein Milk

This plant-based RTD breaks all the rules, delivering a record-setting 30g of clean protein with the simplest possible ingredient list. Customers will love the clean taste and creamy texture. And with non-GMO organic ingredients sourced from U.S. family farms, it’s the most sustainable choice.


Plant-powered protein.

PURIS Pea Milk contains 10 grams protein per cup vs. 8 grams for cow’s milk.

Per cup, PURIS Pea Milk provides 10 grams of protein. How does that stack up to other plant-based competitors?

  • Almond milk: 1g protein per cup
  • Soy milk: 7g protein per cup
  • Oat milk: 4g protein per cup
  • Coconut milk: 0g protein per cup
  • Rice milk: 1g protein per cup
  • Hemp milk: 3g protein per cup
  • Flax milk: 3g protein per cup

Protein promotes satiation (reaching fullness while eating) and maintains satiety (feeling fuller for longer when you’re done eating).

Protein is vital for myriad body functions like building and repairing muscle, promoting immune function, forming enzymes that participate in metabolic processes, and more!


Subtle sweetness only. 

Contains only 4 grams of sugar per serving, less than 10% of the recommended amount per day. 

How does that stack up to other sweetened plant-based milks?

  • Almond milk: 7-15g sugar per cup
  • Soy milk: 6-10g sugar per cup
  • Oat milk: 4-7g sugar per cup
  • Coconut milk: 5-7g sugar per cup
  • Rice milk: 8-14g sugar per cup
  • Hemp milk: 6-12g sugar per cup
  • Flax milk: 7-10g sugar per cup

The versatility of milk. 

Think about all the ways you use milk, then imagine doing all the same things with PURIS Pea Milk.

  • Pack a protein punch into your morning bowl of cereal.
  • Add creaminess to a smoothie or cup of coffee.
  • Use in place of dairy milk, or even water in some cases, for baking.
  • Cool down a spicy dish with a dash of PURIS Pea Milk.
  • Up the decadence of pasta by using PURIS Pea Milk in the sauce.

The lighter choice. 

78% less saturated fat than whole cow’s milk (1 gram per cup in PURIS Pea Milk vs. 4.5 grams in cow’s milk)

Plant-based foods typically contain less saturated fat than animal products, so paired with cholesterol-lowering fiber, they are the better-for-you option.

Saturated fat increases LDL (bad) cholesterol, making it a leading contributor to cardiovascular disease and insulin resistance, a contributing factor to type 2 diabetes.

Includes iron. 

6% DV iron per serving while dairy milk has none.

Iron is the most commonly deficient nutrient in the world despite being one of the most important nutrients for growing children.

Iron is vital for helping transport oxygen throughout the body, in turn keeping tissues healthy and improving energy levels.

Fiber, too. 

1g fiber per serving compared to dairy milk’s 0g per serving.

Fiber helps maintain a healthy digestive tract by feeding the good bacteria in your gut, promotes heart health as it reduces LDL cholesterol, and stabilizes blood sugars.


Produce 89% fewer emissions

Compared to traditional dairy

31% fewer emissions

Than the leading soy or almond milks

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Milk for a healthier planet.

PURIS® Pea Protein is available as grown, processed, and packed in the USA — no other global supplier can make that claim.


Whether you want to develop plant-based meats for retail or food service, PURIS is here to help. Partner with us from co-manufacturing to branding.