PURIS is the exclusive manufacturer of PURIS™ Pea protein, starches, fibers and more non-GMO ingredients from soy, pulses, lentils and other plant sources. Our sustainable ingredients promote healthier eating and practices that are safe for people, the environment and life on earth.

Introduce Organic Sweet Syrup. An eco-conscious, sustainable sweetness innovation from PURIS.

We are working to create an environment for farmers where they want to come back and continue to grow with us, year after year.

Renae Larson – Grower Relations Manager, PURIS

We have a choice to stand aside and take things as they come / Or to stake our claim, the future’s ours, together we are one.

Jerry Lorenzen – Founder, PURIS

What can you make? The sky’s the limit.

With ingredients for an astonishing array of applications and consumer trends, we give food makers the power to innovate, entice and delight.

See what we’re made of.

More than sustainable food, our end-to-end production system offers partners a sustainable competitive advantage.